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With the emergence of increasingly-complex distributed computing environments, today's Systems Administrators are faced with many challenges. From Active Directory management and patch deployment to group policy management, Spyware, enhanced security, permission management, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery, remote access and application deployment, the Administrator’s job is growing ever more time consuming.

Fortunately, ScriptLogic Corporation has developed a suite of software products for managing and securing Windows server-based networks. The Byte Dr., a ScriptLogic Authorized Partner, can provide you with point and click network and workstation management solutions for your internal users or as a supplement to your internal network management resources.

ScriptLogic solutions can be applied to any organization, with from 10 to 10,000 computers. They quickly pay for themselves in reduced labour costs, improved network flexibility and enhanced network security. The current ScriptLogic solutions include:

Active Administrator enables administrators to efficiently manage Active Directory Security and Group Policy in Windows 2000 and 2003-based networks. Active Administrator dramatically eases the task of reviewing and managing security within Active Directory, especially where many delegations have been made, or following an NT4 migration. Extensive security reporting and auditing, and self-healing role-based permissions templates help administrators achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Finally, Active Administrator makes administrators and users more productive with instant rollback of Group Policy changes, easy recovery from deleted users, groups or Organizational Units, and the ability to edit and analyze Group Policy Objects offline, without affecting the live environment. <<More>>

Desktop Authority, the leading desktop management platform for Windows-based networks, significantly reduces the total cost of desktop ownership and helps enterprises meet compliance and security requirements by giving them proactive, centralized management of desktops and applications. Desktop Authority’s comprehensive desktop management includes: user environment configuration – effectively offering the combined functionality of logon scripting, group policies and user profiles; software management, remote control, hardware and software inventory, and options for Patch Management, Spyware Removal and Device Lockdown. Desktop Authority increases user mobility and achieves desktop standardization, whilst securing the enterprise against data theft and attack from a wide range of threats. <<More>>

Desktop Authority MSI Studio reduces the cost of application ownership and software distribution by simplifying the creation, modification and deployment of application installers. With a comprehensive tool set, administrators can intuitively create, develop and modify Windows Installer (MSI) packages ready for distribution to Windows desktops, enterprise-wide. Desktop Authority MSI Studio combines: a centralized re-packager to create installer files and transforms, an intuitive MSI editor to modify installer files via a table view, and our exclusive MCE validation which performs rapid ICE validation visually within the editor. Desktop Authority MSI Studio empowers the administrator to better manage and customize deployment of applications across the enterprise.<<More>>

Desktop Authority Image Center reduces the cost and time required to provision and re-deploy desktops and servers by offering simple, centralized control over the capture, customization and deployment of disk images. Desktop Authority Image Center enables rapid deployment of PCs with corporate standard operating systems, patches, service packs and applications.

Desktop Authority Image Center offers multiple methods of image deployment including bootable media and a PXE pre-boot environment and supports alternate HALs and storage drivers. Desktop Authority Image Center makes optimal use of network resources, offering unicast or multicast communication, bandwidth control and deployment servers near to the target desktops.<<More>>

File System Auditor™ audits, reports and alerts on Windows file server activity, showing who touched which files and folders, when and on what server. Unlike event log consolidation solutions, which provide countless entries to represent a single event, File System Auditor uses intelligent auditing at the file system level to capture all activity and display each event as a single entry, which provides for better reporting, analysis and decision making.

For organizations looking to validate their security controls, establish they have met compliance requirements or simply monitor file system activity, File System Auditor provides the real-time monitoring of every file system event needed to produce viable, trustworthy and complete reports of user activity. <<More>>

Enterprise Security Reporter is a comprehensive discovery and reporting solution for documenting file security, group memberships, Active Directory, and other security settings on Windows servers. Enterprise Security Reporter’s agent-less discovery retrieves and stores data on NTFS permissions, local account databases, user and group accounts in Active Directory, and security settings on other resources such as printers and file shares. It then provides the administrator with tools to analyze, query, and report on the security and configuration of the network. For administrators burdened with compliance reporting and security auditing requirements, Enterprise Security Reporter is an essential tool, increasing productivity and consistency. <<More>>

Patch Authority Plus combines one of ScriptLogic's popular security products - Service Explorer - with award-winning patch management technology. Together, they provide total patch management with the added benefit of ensuring the security and maintenance of services on servers and desktops across the enterprise - a unique differentiator providing greater security compared to pure-play patch management solutions. ScriptLogic’s Patch management solution adds value with Service Explorer, as the centralized console can maintain the state of all servers' critical services to ensure they are running correctly after patches have been applied, resulting in fewer patch-related service interruptions. <<More>>

Secure Copy is a powerful and comprehensive data migration solution that automates the copying of data between Windows NT/2000/2003 servers without agents or scripts. It is the perfect solution for networks that are migrating from NT4, consolidating file servers or moving to a NAS/SAN solution. Secure Copy not only copies files and folders, but also migrates NTFS permissions, file shares, file share permissions, local users and groups, and compression settings. Secure Copy’s multi-threaded high-speed architecture simplifies and shortens migration projects, together with its ability to transparently overcome file ownership problems and automatically retry unavailable files. <<More>>

Security Explorer is a powerful and intuitive solution that searches for and modifies Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 security on NTFS drives, the registry, printers and file shares. Security Explorer’s graphical interface increases administrator productivity and provides centralized control, simplifying and standardizing the management of the security of Windows server resources. Security Explorer overcomes the difficulties encountered when using Explorer or command line tools to manage file security. Comprehensive backup, restore, search, grant, revoke, clone and export functions take management of permissions to new levels. Tasks that were previously either impossible or extremely difficult are now as simple as Point, Click, Done! <<More>>

Service Explorer is an enterprise-wide solution for central management of services, tasks and their respective user accounts and passwords on Windows computers. Every Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 computer on an enterprise network uses services to function correctly and perform tasks like virus detection and backup. Every one of these services requires a highly-privileged service account user name and password which is stored locally on each computer and must be regularly changed for security. Rather than changing passwords on computers one-at-a-time, Service Explorer lets administrators simultaneously manage services and tasks on all NT/2000/XP/2003 servers and desktops, reducing administration costs and increasing security. <<More>>

WinCloak, formerly ScriptLogic Cloak, is an innovative software product that enhances the Windows NT File System, providing increased security, more accurate audits and a streamlined experience for network users. Once WinCloak is installed on your Windows Servers, users will only see the files and/or folders that they have permission to access. They'll receive fewer "Access Denied" messages because they can't click on folders that are hidden from view. If you have enabled File System Auditing, this virtually eliminates any 'false positives' in your security event logs. WinCloak also filters local activity, making it an ideal solution for Terminal Servers and Citrix MetaFrame. <<More>>


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