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System Support Services

The Byte Dr. provides system support services designed to ensure your computers are working correctly and that they can support your business. Avoid nasty surprises, such as full disks, expired software, or inadequate virus protection. Let the professionals from the Byte Dr. handle your systems while you handle your

In todays increasingly Web enabled business environment, it is becoming almost mandatory for organizations to have a professional web presence. The Byte Dr. Inc. can provide website design, hosting, e-commerce and web management solutions to address this need.

System Support Services include:

• System Audits
• Service Contracts and Subscriptions
• Remote Data Backup Service
• Web Services

System Audits

Do you know what computers and software you have - and where they are? Are your systems adequate to the tasks required, and are they properly licensed for the software installed? Do you have upgrade maintenance on your software? Our System Audits are designed to identify what you have today and to provide a baseline for moving forward with your needs tomorrow. See our System Audit Protocol for an indication of how we proceed and some standard cost estimates.

Service Contracts and Subscriptions

Computers and software need to be maintained, upgraded, and repaired, while the continuing escalation of security and virus threats requires that systems receive the latest patches and updates. Downtime caused by outdated systems is penny-wise and pound-foolish, and can significantly disrupt the efficiency and continuity of your business. The Byte Dr. Inc. provides several innovative and flexible options to address these service requirements. We have traditional Service Contracts and unique Service Subscriptions, including a blended contract-subscription option, all designed to provide a cost effective solution to meet your specific needs.

Remote Data Backup

The complex stresses involved in maintaining your computers and data can cause sleepless nights. Before you switch to decaf so you can “sleep nights and stay calm,” we advise you to switch to state-of-the-art backup services. We have located the finest online backup software available and have partnered with Storage Guardian to bring you Stress Free Backup and Disaster Recovery for a reasonable cost.

Web Services

The Byte Dr. provides complete web hosting services, including e-mail and e-commerce, with reliable servers that have the capacity to scale with you as your business and website grow. Our competitively-priced Hosting Service offers several levels of website support, while our Service Level Agreement guarantees our performance and our commitment to your website’s availability.

And, if you don’t already have a website, or if you have one that needs to be revisited, The Byte Dr.’s proven Website Development Process delivers a user-friendly site ensuring that your web presence matches your business objectives. We work with you, in a partnership approach, utilizing industry standards to provide the broadest compatibility and reliable innovation.

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